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Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy
Ι. Mpalomenos | Traditional pasta from Amfiklia Parnassos


The company Balomenos Ioannis is active in the production and sale of pasta and trachana.

The basic principle and commitment of the company, but also the philosophy of each of its executives, is to provide its customers with products that meet their nutritional needs (including potential sensitive users), to comply with the relevant laws and regulations for food (including recommendations of the competent authorities) and to achieve the quality objectives it sets.

Continuous improvement of food quality and safety, in all activities and by all employees, is considered an integral part of the business planning of the company and its goals. In addition, the absolute safety of its customers is a vital element for its sustainability.

To achieve the above, the Management:
It has adopted a Food Safety Management System (FDA) in accordance with the principles of the H.A.C.C.P., which applies throughout the business to all activities that have an impact on the safety of its products and the satisfaction of its customers.

It constantly reviews and improves the characteristics of its products, where possible, as well as the effectiveness of its Processes and consequently of the entire S.D.AT.

It provides the necessary resources for the smooth, efficient and effective operation of any activity.

It invests in the continuous training, information and training of its executives in order to promote Food Safety in all their activities.

Monitors, measures and evaluates the critical parameters of its Processes, in order to ensure Food Safety.

Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the company recognizes and rewards teamwork as well as individual effort, invests in people, respects the customer and society as a whole.


The aim of the company is to offer consumers products that are unique in quality and taste.

Ι. Mpalomenos | Traditional pasta
Filias 15-17, Amfiklia Parnassos
Tel: 2234022362 Mob: 6936795575