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Ι. Mpalomenos | Traditional pasta from Amfiklia Parnassos

Pasta is a food rich in carbohydrates, which are the main source of energy of our body, is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and have had, have and will always have a place on our table.

The traditional pasta production unit of Giannis Balomenos, offers you for more than 25 years pasta of excellent quality, made with passion from traditional recipes of our village and the best raw materials. They are a healthy food for all ages, satisfying even the most demanding tastes.

You will find the traditional pasta of I. Balomenos in food stores, supermarkets all over Greece and upon order.


The aim of the company is to offer consumers products that are unique in quality and taste.

Ι. Mpalomenos | Traditional Pasta
Filias 15-17, Amfiklia Parnassos
Tel: 2234022362 Mob: 6936795575